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     Week of: March 27-31

Tutoring Schedule:

Monday - Thursday 3:15 - 4:15

Friday 3:15 - 5:15

All subjects with emphasis on reading and math

The Student Leadership Team at Harrison County Middle School will be hosting a “Jeans Drive” this month for SOLE HOPE. SOLE HOPE is an organization that provides soles for shoes for individuals in Uganda. Sole Hope’s mission statement is offering HOPE, healthier lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases through education, jobs, and medical relief. The students at Harrison County Middle School will collect jeans, and the Student Leadership Team will host a “Sole Party” in April where any H.C.M.S. student can stay after school to cut the jeans into soles (of shoes) for people in Uganda.

Students will receive ONE (1) Jeans Day pass for every pair of jeans donated with a MAX of FOUR (4) passes. Students will give the jeans to their team leader, and their team leader will give them a jeans day pass. Rules on Jeans Day Pass:

Jeans Day Pass- Expires April 28th, 2017
Jeans Day Pass can be used Monday- Thursday of each week until April 28th.
Students will NOT receive another jeans day pass if they lose their pass
Students MUST give jeans day pass to homeroom teacher by 8:05am the day the student wears jeans.
Students must wear dress code approved polo with their jeans. HELP HCMS HELP OTHERS…

Monday: Track practice 4-6.
Tuesday: Track practice 4-6.
Tuesday: Soccer @Scott Co, girls 1st

Wednesday: Track practice 4-6.
Thursday: Track practice 4-6.
Friday: Senior flashback here @1:45
Friday: MAP Window #3 closes.
Friday: Track meet @Lafayette Invitational
Monday, April 3rd-Friday, April 7th is our spring break.

Attention students who WALK home or to the High School in the afternoon: PLEASE walk to the left of the yellow line.  That is for your protection due to traffic.  Help us keep YOU safe.

Students being dropped off by car in the morning- this message is for you.  If you are arriving BEFORE 8:05am, you are to be dropped off in the BACK LOT.  The only time you are to be dropped off in the front is if you are arriving AFTER 8:05am.

Take a look at this link to an art website that Ms. Pulliam is submitting pictures of students' art work to. Once on the site, in the search by school box, type in Harrison County Middle School. Click Go. On the next page click on the link to our school to see more than 300 photos of art projects that Ms. Pulliam has submitted.



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