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Our Logo ~ Featuring Alumni of Harrison County

Dedicated Students + Learning = Successful Alumni

Who is on our logo? Have you guessed?

Hint: Former Harrison County Students who have become successful Alumni!

From Left to Right: Celia Ammerman, Professional Model ~ Robert Walker, Security Officer
Tony Moore, Artist ~ Denise Sutton, Chiropractor

Do you know successful Harrison County alumni?
If so, we would like to spotlight their accomplishments!

Please note: Everyone has successes in one way or the other.
Success does not have to be "job" related to be nominated.

Please use the form below to nominate
alumni for our spotlight feature!

Be sure to check our district web site as well as our Twitter and Facebook for upcoming spotlights!


Harrison County Alumni Spotlights

If you would like to nominate a Harrison County Schools' Graduate
to be spotlighted on our district web site and/or social media sites,
please submit the requested information on the following form.

Thank you!

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