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In the Alumni Spotlight...

Jessy Biddle
Harrison County Schools
Class of 1998

Alumni Photo

Year of graduation from Harrison County - 1998


Path taken after graduation - After graduation I worked in retail and was the manager of Rue 21 for a short time.  In December of 2000, I gave birth to my son, Bently Cole, and in 2003 decided to go to college.  I went to Sullivan University and graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.  In 2014 I decided to go back for my MBA and just recently (as of last week, actually) finished all of my Masters classes and will be graduating with my Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting on April 22nd.  I also plan on studying for and taking my CPA (certified public accountant) exams this year (and praying I pass all 4 exams!)


Current career/responsibilities - In 2011 I started my own photography business and in 2013 found that my passion within this business was building self confidence and self worth of young women.  I started specializing in only high school seniors and teens and was named Top 25 Up and Coming Senior Photographers in the Nation in 2015.  I love every girl that steps in front of my lens!  They get a complete makeover by a professional hair and makeup artist and I get to watch them grow throughout their senior year to be independent and courageous young women and the future of our community.  I do also have my day job at BC Wood Properties in Lexington where I am a Property Accountant.  If it weren't for BC Wood Properties, or the awesome people I work with, I would have never decided to further my education and obtain my MBA.


Life other than your job (family, hobbies, etc.) - Life other than my jobs?  Is there such a thing?ha!  If I'm not working, you can either find me having family time with my son and fiance, Chris Taylor, or at car shows or cruise ins when it's warm out. I just recently started back my love for lifting weights, so you could also find me at the Y.  I enjoy doing a pageant here and there and am currently the reigning Ms. Bully Basher and was also 2016 Ms. Kentucky ANSB.

Experiences/opportunities that Harrison County provided that you feel helped to prepare you for life after high school - My experiences at HCHS were some that I will forever hold close to my heart.  During high school, I was involved with all things music - Marching, concert and pep bands, Singers, and Ladies choir.  These classes and organizations taught me so much about hard work, determination, self motivation, and team work.  Seriously, without being involved in these things as a teen, I don't believe I would be who I am today.  Those who taught those classes were also people that I admired, and still do to this day - Bob and Laura Gregg and Julie Lucky just to name a few.


Best high school memory - Hands down my best high school memory was winning the 1996 State Marching Band Championship!   The summer of '96 was so awful, with all of the hard work, constant practices, doing drill over and over and over again - but every single second was worth it and boy did I have an awesome tan that year (complete with hideous tan lines of course).  The feeling of winning a state championship was simply amazing. 


What success means to you - Success to me doesn't mean making a lot of money or having material things.  Success to me is putting your mind to something, stepping out of your comfort zone, working hard toward a goal, and in the end achieving it.  I also believe success is a state of mind - how you feel when completing a goal or the quality of interactions you have with others around you.  I believe in building up others and helping others be better than before they met you.


Anything else you would like to add - I would like to add that Cynthiana is a wonderful town, which is growing day by day, and needs different generations of people in order to do so.  Just because you are from a small town does not mean you cannot achieve great things.  You can, regardless of your zip code!  Dream big.

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Past Alumni Spotlight

Stacey Whitaker

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