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In the Alumni Spotlight...

Russell A. Crum
Harrison County Schools
Class of 2003

Alumni Photo

Year of graduation from Harrison County - 2003


Harrison Co. High School
Central Kentucky Technical College
Southeast Lineman Training School

Present Positions:

Lineman Foreman
Farm Manager/Owner of Crum Farms (Beef Cattle)
Real Estate Investor

While attending HCHS I struggled with general course work. I owe a great deal of gratitude to friends that provided tutoring and to several teachers who went beyond their call of duty to keep me focused. For me, there were only two choices in life. I had to focus on what I could do on the farm and what I could do with my hands.

Vocational school offered a core technical foundation that guided me toward a solid career in welding and high power voltage. During my experience at the vocational school I worked with
D & P Welding where I learned a craft with ornamental welding. One of the projects I worked on involved welding the front gate at the State Capital.

Upon graduation from high school I had several high profile overhead welding positions, but travel took me from home longer than I wanted. I was then given an opportunity to work in underground electric. This field introduced lineman work as a potential high paying vocation with great benefits. Lineman work would never be outdated and would ensure a career with job protection.

I attended Southeast Lineman School in Trenton, GA. Upon graduation, I worked in the mid-west as an apprentice lineman until I was able to secure a job closer to home. I have traveled to work several major storm jobs across the United States.

Through hard work and dedication, I’ve been able to not only advance in my career, but get back to my lifelong dream of being able to farm and raise my two year old son, Remy, along with my wife, Holly.

For those who know me, I still like to cut up and have fun. I am capable of playing practical jokes and being the center of attention. It’s all good fun. I am thankful God has blessed a good ole country boy from Harrison County.

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