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Harrison County District Technology Coordinator.
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Harrison County Classroom Sites 

Please check back often as our teachers begin to open their new
classroom websites through Google Sites!


Andy Dotson, Superintendent

Eastside Elementary

Northside Elementary
Mrs. Sharon Hill, Principal

Ms. Tutewiler
Mrs. Wagoner 


Mrs. Dailey
Mrs. Kinney

Mrs. Grob
Mrs. Schaad


Southside Elementary

Westside Elementary

Mrs. Blanton
Mrs. Heimlich
Mrs. Moore
Mrs. Smith


Mrs. Dickey


Harrison County Middle

Mrs. Lucky

Harrison County High
Mrs. Earlywine, Counselor
Ms. Judy, Counselor

Mr. McEwan
Ms. Hersel (6th, 7th, 8th)
Mrs. Pulliam
Mrs. Eastman
Mr. Lonaker




 Deel/Mongomery, AFJROTC
Ms. Garnett
Mrs. Gifford
Mr. Merz
Ms. Posey
Mr. Powers
Ms. Smith
Mrs. Eastman

HC Learning Center

HC Area Tech Center (ATC)



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